Documentary Family Photographs

"becaue every picture has a story to tell"-Unknown
Family photographer with a father holding his daughter while she feeds their dog
Cornwall ny family photographer with a mother and daughter while the daughter is getting dressed in the early morning
orange county ny photograph of a child running through the droplets of water made by a sprinkler
orange county ny photographer with a young boy holding worms and wearing a dinosaur shirt
orange county family photographer with a young girl as she looks dreamily at some mermaid figurines
orange county ny photograph of a father holding his son in the cold without socks on his feet
orange county ny candid photograph of sisters eating breakfast and watching their ipad
family photograph of a little boy drinking water from a hose in orange county ny
family photograph of a mother and daughter rubbing noses with face paint on in Cornwall NY
candid photograph of sisters brushing their teeth in orange county ny
family photograph of little girl on slip and slide outdoor water toy in Cornwall NY
family photographer with mother jumping on trampoline with her young sons
family photograph of a mother and daughter pointing at the nighttime sky
orange county family photographer with a mother looking at her son through the mirrors in a playroom
orange county photographer with a young girl riding a swing
photograph of a little boy fishing in a stream in orange county ny
photograph of a young girl playing in the autumn leaves in orange county ny
photographs of a young girl trying to put her shirt on while her mother watches in Cornwall ny
Photograph of siblings playing on the swings in orange county ny
orange county photographer with a mother watching her two children as they play by a lake
orange county ny candid photograph of a young girl carrying a birthday cake as it almost falls from the plate
photography in orange county ny of a girl climbing high on the spider web at the playground
candid photograph of a little girl holding her mother's hand in soft lighting. Cornwall ny family photographer
young girl pointing to shark toy in the claw amusement park toy while wearing a shark shirt orange county ny family
photograph of a young girl looking at her reflection in the mirror with a clock on her night stand. Orange county ny
little girl climbing over the back seat in the car to escape out the hatch. Orange county documentary family photography
teenage boy looking out the door where his little boy photograph is visible. orange county ny family photographer
little girl playing on the rock by a lake. orange county ny documentary photographer
kids exploring in a line in a stream. cornwall ny family photographer
little girl blowing large bubbles close to the camera. cornwall ny family and documentary photographer
large goldendoodle sitting next to teenager with serious looks on their faces. cornwall ny documentary family photograph
reflection of a party happening outside window while dogs look on from the inside.  orange county ny documentary photo
little girl watching cartoons on the couch upside down. cornwall ny family photography
orange county ny family photography. kids reaching up to the leaves in a tree with photograph taken from below
little girl stuck in window of play house. cornwall ny family photography
photograph of hands and feet of mother and children while mother is trying to get shoes on all. cornwall ny family photo
cornwall ny photograph of young girl getting sprayed by a sprinkler in summer
photograph of young girl kissing her dog. orange county ny family photographs
photographs in orange county ny of siblings playing with bubble guns
photograph of young girl standing at the top of her playset with image taken from below. orange county photographs

There is nothing that I love more than to capture authenticity. Everyday moments seen in a more profound way. The subtle expressions, simple gestures, and the way that the light softly falls on a child's face. The feeling of the cold air, the taste of a special treat, the exhilaration of swinging high in the air, the anticipation of a new school year, and the love shared between a parent and a child. This is documentary family photography.

How does it work?

I love simplicity. First, choose the length of your session. Documentary photography sessions can last from one to eight hours. Next, decide on the location that is most comfortable for your family. It could be at your home, at the playground, at the mall, or maybe all of those depending on how much of your life you would like to capture. I come to you and casually become a part of your family - the part that will help you to preserve your everyday memories in an authentic and artful way.

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If you are someone who is nostalgic, who feels that your children are growing up way too quickly, or who has a longing for days gone by, then a documentary photography session is for you. Documentary family sessions can range from one to eight hours of coverage. Because I do believe that pictures do not belong only on phones, every session includes a print option.
Packages begin at $425

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family photograh of mother holding baby and kissing toddler daughter that father is holding family photographer cornwall